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About Us | Granivez

About US

Imagine that we transform!

Granivez is a company that since 2005, the date of its creation, has been growing in the field of transformation and commercialization of marbles and granites. In these 14 years of activity, Granivez has tried to develop its techniques, making them more and more efficient, innovative and in line with the new market trends, thus guaranteeing the offer of a product of excellence that meets the client’s expectations.


Our mission is to guarantee excellence in the transformation and commercialization of materials coming from marbles and granites, thus offering a unique product that meets the expectations of our customers.


To be a reference company in the transformation and commercialization of marbles is the main objective betting on innovation, but never losing sight of the traditionalism and requirements of our clients.


Our values are essentially based on a policy of customer and employee satisfaction, maintaining standards of social responsibility, ethics and professionalism.